Pfsense web filter

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. Guide to filtering web content http and https with pfsense 2.

After seeing a lot of new users asking how to set up web filtering with pfsense I decided to create an extensive guide. Now we are going to create a rule that will force the network to use our route as the DNS server. Now for google, because google has many different domains it would take a very long time to fill them all in, so we are going to create a short cut.

pfsense web filter

Now we are going to talk about transparent proxy vs non transparent proxy. Transparent proxy for http is very easy to set up, you just enable Transparent HTTP Proxy in squid and install the blacklist in squidguard but I will get to that later.

Now all traffic should be going to your proxy server on port However, if you want to filter https then this is where it gets complicated, you have to enable SSL Man In the Middle Filtering and create Certificates and even after that you may get connection errors and all sorts of issues. So in this guide we are going to use a Non Transparent with wpad which will filter http and https content. The transperrent proxy is going to catch every thing that the wpad misses, enable transperrent proxy in squid once you have the wpad setup.

Now we are going to create a new target category. This will be a white list. Because google and bing are the only search engines as of writing that can force safes search we are going to block all other search engines except google and bing, white list google and bing Domain list.

Save click General settings click Apply click Save.

pfsense web filter

If you want you can do a quick test by setting up your pc to use the proxy and see how thing are working. Set your system to automatically detect settings for windows it is in internet options connections lan settings. You also have to set up the proxy setting for each program that cant connect firefox, graphics drive software, vlc etc. A note on smart phones android, IOS, etc With android not sure on other smart phones OS you can not set it so that all the apps on the device use the proxy not without rooting and other hacksweb browsers google will work fine using the proxy if set in wireless connection options but not apps or things like google play, so unless there is an option to use proxy for all apps on the device the most practical option here is just to allow smart phones to use port 80 and UPDATE 24 JUNE I have found that if you have connection issues using auto config for android or other smart phones try manually setting the proxy, now opening port 80 and is not needed.

Now we should have pfsense all set up for web filtering. I hope this has been helpful and thanks to everyone on the forum who has help me in creating this guide. Just a note for any specific issues with squid, squidguard or dns please create a new topic in the correct areas of the forum and link it here if needed.

You didn't say which file and which target to make the symbolic link, or the command you use for it.

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Some people might need to know. Is "click wpad. If it's correct, it might be worth commenting after it that you do mean "da" not "dat", because having two files called wpad. Hi, there are 3 wpad files wpad. I made the wpad.In order to secure our internet connection i am trying to setup a transparent proxy in order to perform web filtering actions.

The proxy server should be based only with open source software budget is tight. I installed pfsense as a transparent proxy and everything is great regarding HTTP requests. The web filter works great since there is no encryption. According to my search the only solution i could find is by creating and using a certificate that should be importing on the PCs browsers This approach is not an option,since we offer web access to different kinds of mobile devices and the most of them are personal devices, so enforcing certificates is not an option.

Merryworks is an IT service provider. To get full decryption will require a cert but sounds like catagories may be offered. Brand Representative for Untangle, Inc. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Hello to all members, In order to secure our internet connection i am trying to setup a transparent proxy in order to perform web filtering actions.

I tried also ipfire but this software has no https filtering capabilities. Thank you in advance. Popular Topics in Web Content Filtering. Spiceworks Help Desk. The help desk software for IT. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need.

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PfSense Web Filter – Filter HTTP(S) with SquidGuard

You certainly won't be able to decrypt or block? This is actually how I block https stuff porn, torrents, Fox News on my home network, as I don't necessarily want to push a cert out to every device either. Sich Jan 2, at UTC.

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Replace Attachment. Add link Text to display: Where should this link go? Add Cancel. Insert code. Join me to this group. Read these nextOpen Source Firewall is best known for protecting the network from a threat by filtering the inbound and outbound traffic and ensure network security. Basically, this type of license simply allows users to analyze and modify the software with complete independence. Moreover, open-source also promotes collaboration between users, which means, rapid and varied development of many tools.

Generally, the Open Source Firewall belongs to the community; hence, without any doubt, its development and updates simply depend mainly on the community. However, the fact is that this also increases confidence in the continuity of the program as well. Because a firewall simply acts as a wall between internal and external networks. In general, a firewall means activating an application or system which is basically designed to block or allow access to information, both from another system to ours and, of course, from our system to others.

Hence, here, in this post, we will show you the 10 best open source firewall to protect your infrastructure. Just after the arrival of Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows, by default, offers all its users a very basic and simple firewall.

Generally, with this Windows firewall, we can control the use of our internet connection tools and apps.

PFSense – Enabling Administration via the WAN Interface

And not only that even, but it also protects us from all the possible computer attacks that may arrive through the network. With the arrival of Windows 10 Creators Update and the excellent operation of Windows Defender and its firewall, this basic security software has gained great importance and has made more and more users trust it. Generally, open-source software offers an economical and adjustable option to deploy basic networking for the infrastructure and home.

Moreover, they come with a complete package of security tools and features, like a basic firewall, antivirus, antispam, and web filtering and content filtering with open source firewall as well, so what else needed! All these products can be easily downloaded and deployed on any hardware, on a virtual platform, or in the cloud as well. Hence, here in this article, we have mentioned the best open source firewalls for infrastructure and home.

However, apart from all these things, we found pfSense and Untangle are one of the best firewalls that could be used in a wide range of environments. It is quite similar to the Untangle; however, pfSense open source firewall lacks some of the additional features like web filtering and antivirus.

However, there are more than three dozen external add-ons for easy installation through the package manager. The pfSense is based on FreeBSD with a custom kernel that you can install on your own hardware or on your virtual machines with the CD image. Moreover, if you want, then you can also buy preloaded pfSense on your hardware as well. And for support and services, you can receive resources like a library of the most important videos from developers, a digital book on pfSense, and automatic backups as well.Published by Stephan on January 23, January 23, Last Updated on 1 year ago.

As the system administrator of a school, you are constantly faced with the question of how far you should filter content from the Internet.

This question must be answered wherever children and young people have access to the Internet, whether in schools, clubs, libraries, at home or any other public institution. Opinions on this subject are very diverse. It is much more important to teach children and young people how to use the Internet responsibly. This is a very big challenge and takes time. Parents and educators are faced with this task and often do not know how best to approach it.

In some countries, a web filter for schools is even required by law. Therefore, in this tutorial I would like to show you how to set up a pfSense web filter. Download this article as PDF. If you need help to install pfSensecheck out our install guide. For this tutorial we first need an active pfSense installation. The firewall can be downloaded here and installed according to these instructions.

Filtering HTTP connections is very easy and quick to set up. Since these connections are unencrypted, it is possible to examine them well and therefore block them completely or partially. This is a good thing in itself, because it increases security and makes many attacks impossible or more difficult. However, it also makes filtering for unwanted content more difficult.

One way is a conscious man-in-the-middle attack. This allows them to view the connection and filter it accordingly. This concept is used by most web filter solution providers. A user can hardly recognize the difference if the certificate of the proxy server is trusted.

But this security is deceptive. Even if this is the only way to speak of true content filtering, this solution is dangerous, very risky implementation is not trival and, depending on the country, incompatible with the prevailing laws keyword data protection and privacy.

Therefore, this route is not recommended for safety and moral reasons. Before the certificate is queried between browser and web server and thus an encrypted connection is established, the browser sends the domain name FQDN that it wants to query. This part is not yet encrypted and can therefore be read by a transparent proxy and used for filtering. The following figure illustrates the TLS handshake. You can easily see that the SNI is sent before the key exchange and the actual secure connection.Category based web filtering in OPNsense is done by utilizing the built-in proxy and one of the freely available or commercial blacklists.

This list is supplied for free under the Creative Commons license. Click on the arrow next to the Forward Proxy tab to show the drop down menu. Now select Authentication Settings and click on Clear All to disable user authentication. And click Apply to save the change. Click on the tab Remote Access Control Lists. Now we can select the categories we want to use by clicking on the pencil icon next to the description of the list.

pfsense web filter

This will open the edit window again, but now you will see all available categories extracted from the list. For our example we will filter ads and adult content. The easiest way to do so is clear the list and select the following from the drop down list:.

Now Save changes and press Download ACLs again to download and reconstruct the list with only the selected categories. The proxy will bind to LAN and port It may take a while for the proxy to start and the play icon on the top right corner of the screen will turn red. Refresh the page to see if the proxy is done loading play icon will turn green.

pfsense web filter

To make sure no-one can bypass the proxy you need to add a firewall rule. Other popular lists that are expected to work well with OPNsense are: Shallalist. The easiest way to do so is clear the list and select the following from the drop down list: Now Save changes and press Download ACLs again to download and reconstruct the list with only the selected categories.This layer 7 functionality arrives through an upgraded version of the Snort package for pfSense software.

Maintained by Bill Meeks, the Snort package has been available for many years and is one of our most popular packages. Quoting the original blog post by Martin Roesch:. It is important to remember that OpenAppID provides application identification and not threat detection.

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We strongly recommend reading the entire blog post by Martin found here. OpenAppID consists of a set of LUA libraries for detecting applications, as well as the application detectors themselves. The appid keyword can be embedded in any rule to match only on traffic already identified as a specific application. However, the actual application detection rules for analyzing traffic are not provided by Cisco or Snort. This is where, once again, our community shines. Those familiar with snort should find the interface for working with OpenAppID detectors and rules familiar and easy to use.

We have recently updated our Snort guide for pfSense and added a brand new section covering Application ID, which can be found here. More on this subject in the future. Netgate Blog. What is OpenAppID?There are two big advantages to squidGuard: it is fast and it is free. Define default user access: select Default access [all] as allow or deny.

Select whiteto allow this category without any restrictions. This option is used for exceptions to prohibited categories. Int error page : Use the built-in error page.

A custom message may be entered in the Redirect info box below. The other options are various redirects to external error pages, and a URL must be entered in the Redirect info box if they are chosen. Use safe search engine : Protect customers from unwanted search results. Make sure that these search engines are available. If this protection should be strictly enforced, disable access to all other search engines. After settings are complete, return to the General Settings tab and press Apply. They should not be used in production.

A better way is to start with one of the blacklist collections listed alphabetically below. MESD blacklists - They are freely available. If the firewall is itself behind a proxy, enter the proxy information in Blacklist proxy this step is not necessary for most people. Wait while blacklist will downloaded and prepared to use min.

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Progress will be displayed on that page as the list is downloaded and processed. Enter a name for the category - myWhitelist for example.

Entries should be separated by a space. The examples on the page show how entries should be formatted. As with the Common ACL discussed previously, redirect and logging options specific to this category may be set.

Click Target Rule List to expand the list of categories. The newly created category should show alphabetically in the list, above any blacklist categories. Find the MyWhiteList entry in the list and select white. Enter a name for the category - myBlockExt for example. Find the myBlockExt entry in the list and select deny. Add at least one Custom Target Category with a site to pass or block and use it along with the blacklist entries to work around the problem.

On squid 3. Netgate Logo Netgate Docs. Previous Tuning the Squid Package. Block access to URLs matching a list of regular expressions or words for some users. Redirect blocked URLs to an info page. Redirect banners to an empty GIF.

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